Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR)

DEDJTR's role in procurement is to promote employment and business growth. It expands market opportunities for local industry and provides industry development.

Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) drives economic development and job creation in Victoria. The focus is on programs and procurement policies for employment and industry development.

The DEDJTR administers the Local Jobs First Act 2003. Local Jobs First includes:

  • Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG)
  • Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP)

Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG)

The MPSG is about growing the next generation of skilled workers. It means construction projects over $20 million need to use Victorian:

  • apprentices
  • trainees
  • engineering cadets

for at least 10% of the labour. This gives young people the chance to work on Victoria's biggest construction projects.

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Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP)

The VIPP is an industry development procurement policy. It means local businesses have a fair chance to compete for government contracts. This helps local projects create opportunities for Victorian businesses.

The VIPP applies to all projects valued at:

  • over $1 million in regional Victoria
  • over $3 million in metropolitan Melbourne, or for state-wide activities


Reviewed 30 October 2018