Departments and agencies

An overview of each Victorian Government organisation and their role in procurement.

Departments and agencies

Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB)

The VGPB is the governing body for goods and service procurement in Victoria. VGPB sets the policies that apply to all non- construction goods and services.

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Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF)

The DTF gives advice to the Minister for Finance about public construction policy. DTF also helps organisations with construction procurement.

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VicFleet gives advice to the Minister for Finance about fleet issues and policy. VicFleet also looks after vehicle leases for organisations.

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Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR)

DEDJTR works to drive economic development and job creation in Victoria. They deliver programs and procurement policies for industry development and employment.

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Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC)

The DPC’s Technology Procurement Team looks after ICT procurement. This includes hardware, IT infrastructure, telecommunications and software.

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Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV)

HPV works with the health sector to reduce costs through strategic procurement. HPV is working hard to keep our public health services healthy.

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Partnerships Victoria

Partnerships Victoria facilitates government and private sector building Public Private Partnerships. This means they can work together to deliver public infrastructure and related services.

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Reviewed 30 October 2018