Gateway Review Process

The Gateway Review process examines projects and programs at six key decision points in their lifecycle.


The Gateway Review process examines infrastructure projects and programs at six key decision points in their life cycle.

The six gates are:

  • Gate 1: Concept and feasibility
  • Gate 2: Business case
  • Gate 3: Readiness for market
  • Gate 4: Tender decision
  • Gate 5: Readiness for service
  • Gate 6: Benefits analysis
  • Program reviews

The process involves using an independent reviewer team to provide advice about progress and likelihood of delivery success.

All high-value high-risk investments are required to undergo the gateway review process.

Who delivers the Gateway review?

The process is delivered by the Department of Treasury and Finance.

The Gateway Review Process

Here you will find out everything you need to know about how the Gateway Review system works.

Book a Gateway Review

The Gateway Review Process is mandatory for High Value High Risk projects. To book a Gateway Review, click here.

Gateway Key Decision Points, Guidance and Templates

The process examines projects and programs at key decision points throughout their lifecycle. For all guidance and templates to do with Gateway Reviews, click here.

Gateway Reviewer Training

Individuals wishing to become Gateway reviewers can take part in training by registering with us.

Project Assurance Reviews

Project Assurance Reviews are part of DTF’s infrastructure assurance framework. For more information on Project Assurance Reviews, click here.

The Planning Day

The planning day is a meeting facilitates a planning day for all important stakeholders in the project.  To find out what happens at Planning Day, click here

The Review

The 4-day review process consists of stakeholder interviews, documentation and a draft report. To find out what happens at the review process, click here.

Reviewed 29 August 2019

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