Goods and services alignment or accreditation

Guides and tools to help your organisation align with the VGPB procurement framework and apply for accreditation.

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) has introduced a procurement framework. This framework covers the whole lifecycle of goods and services procurement.

All organisations subject to VGPB policies are operating under this framework.

The guide will help your organisation set up your procurement approach in line with it. The guide covers creating:

  • a governance framework
  • a procurement strategy
  • a complaints management system

We encourage your organisation to use the tool to assess your alignment with the VGPB’s framework. This will help you plan a strategy that includes:

  • a procurement activity plan
  • a supplier engagement strategy
  • a capability development plan
  • a contract management planning strategy

When you’ve completed these steps, your organisation can apply for VGPB accreditation. This means your organisation can be assessed for compliance with the VGPB procurement policies.

The guide will help you with your application, and will cover:

  • what’s expected as part of the accreditation process
  • the information and format required for your submission
  • what’s required once you’re accredited

As part of your application, you’ll need to use the tool to complete an accreditation assessment.

The VGPB will use the information in the tool, as well as your procurement strategy, to assess your application.

The tool is related to the 5 supply policies. It requires you to assess your organisation’s capacity and capability to follow the policy requirements.

The tool has two parts:

  • Part A - requires you to confirm that your organisation complies with or is developing the capability to follow the requirements
  • Part B - lets you show the extent to which your organisation meets the requirements

You don’t have to submit Part B to the VGPB for assessment. It’s intended as a guide to help you develop your organisation’s procurement strategy.


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Reviewed 30 October 2018

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