Health Purchasing Victoria's role in procurement

An overview of how Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) looks after health-related procurement and policy.

Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV)

HPV looks after procurement of health-related:

  • goods
  • services
  • equipment

HPV is responsible to the Minister for Health and works with the DHHS. The aim is to provide healthcare that is:

  • safe
  • affordable
  • sustainable

Working with public hospitals and health services, HPV:

  • facilitates tenders
  • manages contracts
  • identifies opportunities for collective procurement
  • improves procurement capability
  • provides procurement training

HPV has key legislative functions under the Health Services Act 1988 to:

  • supply or help supply of goods and services
  • give advice and support
  • track compliance
  • foster improvements in use of systems and e-commerce
  • maintain useful data and share that with health services
  • ensure probity is maintained in the purchasing, tendering and contracting of public hospitals

Reviewed 30 October 2018