Market-led proposals guideline

The market-led proposal guideline is for private organisations who want to present the government with ides and proposals.

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A market-led proposal is when a business approaches the government with an unsolicited project idea. Government uses the market-led proposal guideline to assess these proposals. This guideline relates to proposals to build infrastructure or provide construction services.

The guideline shows our commitment to a transparent process. It considers whether market-led proposals:

  • are in the public interest
  • represent value for money
  • are consistent with government policy and priorities

Well-developed proposals are assessed through a 5-stage process. Innovative ideas are assessed through a separate 2-stage process outlined in the guideline.

Priority areas

The government has many industries and sectors that drive Victoria’s economic growth. The Victorian Infrastructure Plan outlines the government’s priorities over the next 5 years and beyond:

  • construction technologies
  • creative industries
  • defence technologies
  • digital technologies
  • food and fibre
  • international education
  • medical technologies and pharmaceuticals
  • professional services
  • retail, transport distribution and logistics and postal
  • transport technologies
  • visitor economy
  • social and community infrastructure

Other investment opportunities

These proposals are one of a range of options for businesses to interact with government. There are also funds available to promote investment in Victoria, including:

  • The Premier’s Jobs and Investment Fund
  • Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund
  • Future Industries Fund
  • Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund

Understand the government's priorities in detail

The following resources may help you in understanding the government’s priorities further:

Victorian Infrastructure Plan

Premier’s website

Reviewed 11 February 2019


Market-led Proposals Deputy SecretaryCommercial Division, Department of Treasury and Finance