Partnerships Victoria

An overview of how Partnerships Victoria supports government working with the private sector to deliver infrastructure projects.

Partnerships Victoria

Partnerships Victoria creates Public Private Partnerships (PPP) between government and the private sector. This means working together to deliver public infrastructure and services.

The Partnerships Victoria team in the Department of Treasury and Finance:

  • advises the Treasurer on PPP policy
  • connects private sector and government
  • develops and publishes PPP guidelines
  • helps with the tendering process and managing long-term contracts

Under the PPP model, the government contracts the private sector to:

  • design
  • build
  • finance
  • maintain
  • provide services

This is different to privatisation. The PPP asset goes back to the government at the end of the contract.

PPPs always have a private finance element. PPP contracts have a clear and enforceable risk allocation.

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Reviewed 30 October 2018