Goods and services market approach templates

Templates and guidelines to support buyers with their approach to market

The process of engaging with suppliers to obtain an offer will depend on the complexity of the procurement being undertaken and the nature of the marketplace. A suite of tools has been developed with the objective of providing simple, consistent and scalable templates for low to medium complexity procurement. For more complex procurement buyers should engage with their internal procurement unit.

It is based on the premise that an invitation to the market can have characteristics that are applicable across government, to an organisation and specific to a procurement project.

These templates are to be used as a base only and should be used in conjunction with the VGPB guidance material.

Organisations and procurement practitioners should ensure they have the capability to develop documents to undertake a market approach or seek further assistance from procurement experts and legal advisers.

The document below provides a snapshot of the templates and guidance material available.

To assist further download the market approach templates frequently asked questions document.

Reviewed 29 August 2019

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