Purchasing process

Understand the procurement process the Victorian Government uses to buy goods, services and construction works.

Every year the Victorian Government spends billions of dollars on goods, works and services.

If you want to supply to us, it’s helpful to understand the steps in the purchasing process.

Purchasing steps

However the buyer approaches the market, our procurement guidelines describe how the purchasing process works.

Where possible, we buy from panels and registers to save time and ensure quality.

We also buy from suppliers we’ve never worked with before. Find out how to get known.

How we invite suppliers to supply

We buy goods, works and services using an invitation to supply. Invitations to supply may be through:

Learn more about how Government buys.

Purchasing policies

We follow policies that guide how we buy from suppliers and work with you.

Policies for goods and services include:

Construction procurement follows:

Guidelines you need to follow

There is a code all suppliers need to follow. This is called the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Understanding this code helps you to maintain a good working relationship with us.

Government frameworks you should know about

There are frameworks we consider when working with suppliers.

You could increase your chances to supply to us if you meet the guidelines in these frameworks.

Social Procurement Framework

The Social Procurement Framework assesses how buyers and suppliers deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes that benefit the Victorian community.

Read more about the Social Procurement Framework

Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP)

This policy encourages us to work with small-medium businesses in metropolitan and regional areas.

Read more about the Victorian Industry Participation Policy

Major Projects Skills Guarantee (MPSG)

The MPSG promotes the employment of apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets within the Victorian building and construction industry. It provides new employment opportunities and vocational training for young Victorians.

Read more about he Major Project Skills Guarantee

Reviewed 30 October 2018

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