VicRoads Prequalification Scheme

The VicRoads prequalification scheme lists suppliers who are prequalified to tender on VicRoads work.

VicRoads Supplier Register is a list of suppliers who are prequalified to tender for VicRoads work. 

The scheme is structured into groups of similar work types. Each group is further divided into categories that may have levels that define areas of expertise or competency. There are currently nine groups in the scheme: 

  • environment 
  • pavement and geotechnical engineering 
  • maintenance and general works 
  • road and bridge construction 
  • road and bridge design 
  • traffic management services (consultants) 
  • traffic management services (contractors) 
  • transport and planning studies 
  • other professional services 

Access the VicRoads prequalification Scheme for: 

  • VicRoads conditions of participation 
  • Application forms and eligibility criteria 
  • Register of prequalified contractors and consultants 

Tools and support 

Call the Procurement and Contract Management Department on 03 9854 2427 or use the feedback form.

Reviewed 06 October 2019

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