Victorian Government Purchasing Board members

Learn more about the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) members, how they are selected and how to contact them.

The Board consists of a chair and at least 6 other members. The VGPB selects members based on their experience and expertise in procurement-related matters. They can be internal or external to government.

The VGPB meets every 2 months to:

  • develop and approve policies
  • provide guidance of strategic procurements
  • discuss procurement policy and practice matters

It reports to the Minister for Finance.


Antoinette Brandi

Ms Brandi has over 25 years procurement experience in the public and private sectors. Throughout her career, Ms Brandi has held many operational management roles. She has delivered procurement projects in goods and services, mining and construction. Ms Brandi has developed procurement supply chain strategies and risk management assurance processes. She was also the first female in Australia to gain fellow status with CIPS.


Timothy Lyons

Mr Lyons has extensive experience in government procurement policy. He has been a member of many public and private boards, and held many directorships. Mr Lyons has expertise in industrial relations, financial services, public policy and governance. He is also experienced in risk management, not-for-profit management and communications advocacy.

Leanne Price

Ms Price has over 20 years of government procurement experience. During her 12 years with DHHS, Ms Price was responsible for the planning and implementation of the Health Capital Program. Her role included oversight of the largest public hospital developments in Victoria's history. She also has public transport experience, including the development of Southern Cross Station.

Claire Thomas

Ms Thomas is an economics professional. She has a background in public policy, administration and academic research. Ms Thomas is currently an independent public policy consultant. She has consulted on economic and public policy with Infrastructure Australia, DTF and ESC. Ms Thomas is also a member of the Independent Review Panel for gambling licences in Victoria. She received the Public Service Medal in 2009.

Craig Rooney

Mr Rooney has over 25 years of procurement experience in the public and private sectors.  He has a background in business management, financial management and people leadership. Mr Rooney attributes his success to his strategic thinking and customer focus. He has held procurement management roles at Porter Davis Homes, CSR Sugar, Madison Cross Australia and Coles Group. Mr Rooney is currently Victorian Operations Manager for Metricon Homes.

Randall Straw

Mr Straw is a former Deputy Secretary, Innovation and Technology/Industry and Trade at DBI. He is currently Chair of CenITex and of DEDJTR's Investment Committee. He is also a member of VicTrack's Telecommunications Committee and ESTA's ICT Committee. Mr Straw received the Public Service Medal in 2012.

Russell Yardley

Mr Yardley is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He has strong governance skills and is an experienced board member. Mr Yardley's career has focused on innovation, ideas strategy and planning in ICT.

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You can contact Board members via the Department of Treasury and Finance:

VGPB Secretariat

Level 6, 1 Macarthur St
Melbourne VIC 3002

Ph: 03 9651 1699


Reviewed 07 March 2019