Natural gas contract - large sites

This Whole of Victorian Government contract covers supply of natural gas for large sites (Tariff D - sites consuming more than 10,000GJ per annum).


Advisory note (1 October 2018)

Government organisations affected

Organisations bound by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board supply policies.

Organisations that currently access or intend to access the Natural gas contract - large sites.

What is happening?

Red Energy Pty Ltd has been appointed as the sole supplier to the Natural gas contract – large sites effective from 1 October 2018.

Transition activities are taking place. We will work in collaboration with members of the User Reference Group to ensure all organisations are appropriately transitioned.

What should you do

All large site gas arrangements will be transferred automatically to Red Energy Pty Ltd.

We will be in touch with all User Reference Group members and other organisations using the contract to inform them of the transition process in the coming weeks.

Access to State Purchase Contract confidential information

Please note the change in process for accessing State Purchase Contract confidential information. The existing user account to access the State Purchase Contract confidential information will no longer be active. A new State Purchase Contract confidential information system is being introduced and will require user registration.

Refer to the instructions in the State Purchase Contract Registration Guide.


A whole of Victorian Government closed panel contract with 1 supplier for providing large sites consuming more than 10,000GJ per year of natural gas.

Lead agency: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-02-2018

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 1 October 2018

End date: 30 September 2023

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Key benefits

Key benefits of this contract are:

  • secure and reliable supply of natural gas to Victorian Government large sites
  • negotiated future tariffs
  • the ability to add new sites (subject to conditions)

What’s covered?

The supply of natural gas for large sites (Tariff D) consuming more than 10,000GJ per annum.

Use of this contract is not limited to sites agreed in the contract. New sites can be added to the contract under conditions agreed with the category manager the supplier.

Participating Tariff D sites are subject to volume-based gas commodity and regulated delivery charges. Any additional Tariff D sites applying to roll into this contract will be considered individually by the category manager and the supplier, since the tariff is demand-based and cannot be determined in advance what the result of participation will be.

Supplier details

This contract is a sole supplier arrangement with Red Energy Pty Ltd.

Red Energy Pty Ltd

Address: 570 Church Street, Cremorne Victoria 3000

Contact name: Paula Robinson

Role: Manager - C&I Operations

Phone: 03 9425 0427

Mobile: 0419 281 817



Red Energy Pty Ltd trading as Snowy Hydro

Address: Lot 3, Pier 8/9 23 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000

Contact name: David Sherriff

Role: Manager Business Development

Phone: 02 9278 1971

Mobile: 0417 463 066



Join this contract

To join this contract and access more information:

Step 1. Register for the contracts portal

Log in to the contracts portal to download confidential contract information and pricing.

Step 2. Complete the roll-in form

Once you have joined the contract and received approval from your category manager, you need to download and complete the roll-in form.

Include this information:

  • gas meter number (MIRN)
  • site address where the meter is located
  • the incumbent retailer
  • billing (per site or consolidated)
  • billing address (if different to the supply address)
  • billing address contact details
  • organisation details and ABN (if new to the contract)
  • annual contract quantity (ACQ)
  • maximum hourly quantity (MHQ)
  • maximum demand quantity (MDQ)

Contact the contract category manager when your form is finished.

Use this contract

Anyone using this contract must follow the rules of use:

Mandated entities or those already approved to use the SPC:

Contact your departmental contract manager.

Confidential information is available by requesting access via completion of the confidential information application form.

The following table lists the departmental contract managers.

Department Department representative
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions David Helmore
Environment Manager
03 9658 4753
Department of Education and Training Brett Duff
Schools Finance Officer
03 9637 2063

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Shelley Franklin
Environmental Projects Officer
03 9637 8766

Department of Treasury and Finance

Tim Weise
Services Relationship Manager
03 9651 2844

DTF – Shared Services

Geoff Wilks
Facilities Management
03 8683 3996

Department of Justice and Community Safety

Kevin Hong
Asset Management Contract Manager
03 8684 0335

Department of Health and Human Services

Noelene O'Keefe
Principal Manager, Environment
03 9096 2618

Victoria Police

John Halls
Category Manager
03 9247 6402


Chris McNally
Director Procurement and Contract Management
03 9854 2212

Non-mandated entities and those that have not applied previously to use the SPC:

Contact the category manager for this State Purchase Contract.

Reviewed 08 May 2019

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