National Prequalification System for Non-residential Buildings

The VicRoads prequalification scheme lists suppliers who are prequalified to tender on VicRoads work.

The National Prequalification System for Non-residential Buildings applies to: 

  • non-residential government building contracts 
  • where the construction cost estimate is $50 million and above

The following Australian states and territories participate in the system: 

  • Australian Capital Territory 
  • New South Wales 
  • Northern Territory 
  • Queensland 
  • South Australia 
  • Tasmania 
  • Victoria 
  • Western Australia 

The system aims to create certainty and consistency, and streamline the process of prequalification for contractors working in multiple jurisdictions. 

A seamless process for mutual recognition of prequalification status for contractors applies between this system and Construction Supplier Register

Read more about the National Prequalification System for Non-residential Buildings

Tools and support 

For information about the application of the National Pre-qualification Scheme in Victoria, contact the Construction Supplier Register.

Reviewed 06 October 2019

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