Marketing services register

This is an open register which has multiple pre-qualified suppliers for marketing services including advertising and communications.


New MSR system coming soon

We're introducing a new system for the Marketing services register. This new service will enable our staff to request quotes directly from registered suppliers. It's powered by award-winning VendorPanel technology. This will replace the existing MarketingOnline system. 

New administrative guidelines

Note the following administrative guidelines applicable from 1 July 2019:

These guidelines contain updated decision-making and approval requirements for labour hire and professional services use.

Media monitoring

Media Monitoring Services has been added as a new category under the Marketing services SPC.

The Marketing services register (MSR) framework, including the current Marketing Online portal, is under review. This includes the RFQ process.

Note: the current Marketing Online system works best on Internet Explorer.


MSR is an open-register, whole of Victorian Government contract. It offers marketing services, including advertising and communications.

Lead agency: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-09-2013

Arrangement type: Register

Start date: 16 December 2013

End date: No current end date

Marketing suppliers wanting to apply for MSR:  

Due to the upcoming launch of the new MSR on VendorPanel, applications are currently closed until November 2019.

    Government buyers wanting to register for Marketing Online (Government users only):

    Apply for access to Marketing Online


      • Use Internet Explorer
      • Wait one hour after you receive your details to log in for the first time
      • Don't register if you have already registered previously as you won't be able to access the system

      To log in to Marketing Online please visit the website here

      Login to Marketing Online

      Key benefits

      The key benefits of this contract are:

      • standard terms and conditions
      • a simplified engagement process

      What’s covered

      This contract covers a range of marketing services. Some services are optional, which means you can engage these services outside of the contract.


      The MSR does not include:

      Supplier details

      Register for Marketing Online

      This contract is an open-register arrangement. The updated list of pre-qualified suppliers is on Marketing Online.

      Buyers can access this list by registering for Marketing Online.

      Join this contract


      • Use Internet Explorer
      • Wait 1 hour after you receive your details to log in for the first time
      • Don't register if you have already registered previously as you won't be able to access the system

      For government buyers

      To join this contract and access more information:

      Apply for access to Marketing Online

      When you register you'll receive a unique username and password. Keep these details for future use to access Marketing Online.

      Department contacts

      Departmental contract managers are the key point of contact between the marketing services register category manager and buyer. They can be contacted for marketing services register information and are responsible for resolving operational issues raised by buyers and suppliers.

      Department contacts are listed in the table below:

      Organisation Contact details
      Mandated departments
      Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Jodie Stevens
      03 9651 9825
      Department of Education and Training Hogan Michelle
      03 7022 1437
      Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Caroline Rebaque
      0418 406 599
      Department of Treasury and Finance Bruce Atherton 
      03 7005 9314
      Department of Premier and Cabinet Vicki Richardson
      03 7017 5314
      Department of Justice and Community Safety Michelle Windsor
      03 9651 8067
      Department of Health and Human Services Matthew Haworth
      03 9096 0591
      Department of Transport Kaye Tuddenham
      03 8392 6532
      Other organisations
      Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police (Victoria Police) Leigh Davies
      03 9247 1468
      Vicroads Sally McInnes
      0436 677 466
      Vic Responsible Gamble Foundation Roberta Donovan
      03 9452 2655
      Rail Projects Victoria Alannah McColl
      0436 926 557
      Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Paula Vigorelli
      0435 410 457
      Visit Victoria Fiona Ive
      03 9002 2209
      Public Transport Victoria Philip Askew
      03 9027 5041

        For suppliers

        Due to the upcoming launch of the new MSR on VendorPanel, applications are currently closed until November 2019.

        Marketing Services Register Guide

        Use this contract

        Step 1: Create a Request for Quote (RFQ)

        Download and send an RFQ form to 3 different suppliers or as per your internal procurement policy.

        A Request for Quote must include:

        • an introduction to the project
        • background information
        • purpose of your project
        • project components (dates, milestones etc)
        • requirements and deliverables
        • extra information

        Step 2: Choose a supplier by undertaking your internal procurement process

        • RFQs and supplier responses must be sent by email
        • log your RFQ details on Marketing Online

        If you have issues logging RFQs on Marketing Online complete these forms:

        Email the form to the DTF marketing services admin

        Step 3. Create a purchase order

        When you've received supplier quotes, choose a supplier by undertaking your internal procurement process and send them a purchase order.

        You need to notify any unsuccessful suppliers.

        You need to include this information:

        • your details
        • a statement of work
        • service levels needed
        • project plan
        • equipment needed or provided
        • Information about access to your premises
        • key personnel needed
        • fees and rates
        • expenses
        • warranties
        • insurance
        • Intellectual property

        Refer to this agreement:

        Refer to this workflow chart for information on getting quotes and creating purchase orders under the MSR:

        Contract disclosure under the MSR

        If you use this contract, you must follow the rules under the contract disclosure policy, which states:

        • if an estimate is $100,000 (inc GST) or more, publish that on a contract publishing system Buying for Victoria Supplier Portal
        • if an estimate is $10 million (inc GST) or more, publish the full contract on Buying for Victoria Supplier Portal
        • leave out trade secrets or confidential business information; consider if any material would harm the public interest
        • follow your organisation’s rules for approving what not to include

        Variation disclosure

        • if a job's change costs $100,000 (inc GST) or more, publish it on Buying for Victoria
        • reference it against the original contract
        • show the changes in the value and difference to the total estimated value of the contract

        Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP) needs

        Check if the VIPP needs apply to you:

        • VIPP applies to government projects with many suppliers bidding for the job
        • a jobs value must be $3 million and over in metropolitan Melbourne for a VIPP to apply
        • for regional areas, the value is $1 million and over for a VIPP to apply
        • the VIPP checks the supplier selection you made at the shortlisted stage

        All shortlisted suppliers complete a VIPP plan addressing three key needs:

        • the level of local content
        • the number of new jobs created
        • possible skills, training, and technology transfer generated by the project

        The VIPP plan outlines how the supplier will action local industry development commitments. Get more information on VIPP.

        Reviewed 21 October 2019

        Buying for Victoria

        Primary contact:

        Elena Avrutis (Category Manager, Strategic Sourcing) Department of Treasury and Finance

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