IT Infrastructure Register

A whole of Victorian government register of suppliers for buying servers, storage and network equipment including maintenance and support.


A whole of Victorian Government register with multiple suppliers for buying servers, storage and network equipment including maintenance, support, installation and training.

Lead agency: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: 

Arrangement type: Register

Start date: 01/07/2014

End date:

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Key benefits

  • easy access to multiple suppliers
  • a simple, streamlined online platform

What’s covered

This contract covers these main areas of IT Infrastructure::

  • servers, storage and network equipment
  • maintenance and support of new and legacy equipment
  • installation and training

Supplier details

Suppliers available on the register can be seen in the VendorPanel platform.

Join this contract

To join this contract and access more information:

Step 1. Register for the contracts portal

Log in to the contracts portal to download confidential contract information and pricing.

Step 2. Register for the VendorPanel platform

The platform allows government buyers to engage with prequalified suppliers.

Existing users

Buyers already registered on VendorPanel can access the register

New users


Step 3. Choose a supplier

There is no restriction on the number of suppliers you can choose.

Every supplier must apply minimum discount levels, but pricing can be negotiated and agreed.

Step 4. Use a purchase order form

You must use the IT infrastructure register purchase order.

You need a new purchase order every time you purchase new hardware or services.

Primary Contact

Michael KonyProcurement, Department of Premier and Cabinet

Reviewed 31 October 2018